V100 Mandelo Deposits Being Taken

v100160 ig

We Are Taking Deposits on the V100 Mandelo. Arrival of the Bikes is Set For September*-October* of This Year. Red Will be Available First. Green Will be Released About a Month Later. Call and Ask For Jim to Put in Your Deposit!

*Approximate Dates

Moto Guzzi 100th Anniversary Celebration

Three Special Editions


2021 V85TT Centenario


V7 Centenario


V9 Centenario


From 0 to 100

15 March 1921 was a momentous date in the world of motorbikes as it marked the beginning of a seemingly outrageous idea, that proved, however, to be brilliantly visionary. It was the creation of Moto Guzzi, an extraordinary bike that was light years ahead of the rest of the world when it came to motorcycle manufacturing. But it wasn’t only performance that set Moto Guzzi apart, there was also the striking, elegant colour and its glorious form, inspired by legends of motorcycling history. Now, one hundred years later, the Moto Guzzi concept of the motorbike lifestyle is as compelling and beloved as ever.

Arriving This Spring!

KTM SuperDuke Accessorized

We Added Many Accessories to Our Customer’s KTM. See the Rest of the Photos Under the Custom Work Link.

GPS, Radar Detector, Phone Mount

GPS, Radar Detector, Phone Mount

Gerbing Heated Gear Plug and Thermostat-Front

Gerbing Heated Gear Plug and Thermostat-Front


Do You Have  a Bike You Would Like Personalized to Your Riding Style? We Can Modify Your Suspension to Suit Your Needs!  We Can Also Add Any Accessories, Get Parts Powder Coated and Painted.

We Can Ready Your Adventure Bike for Your Next Trip. Hamlin Cycles is an Authorized Dealer for Twisted Throttle and Other Companies.

Do You Have an Older Bike That Needs Some TLC or a Complete Rebuild? Give Us a Call to Discuss it.