Service Policies

Our Service Policies

 Reminder On Our Service Parts Policy

We do not allow service customers to bring in service parts that they have purchased elsewhere for installation. Examples of this are: tires, oil and filter, brake pads, suspension components, mufflers, etc…you get the idea. We stock most of this stuff and have a hard time understanding the logic of people expecting us to do this. Do you bring the ingredients for your meal to your favorite restaurant and ask the chef to cook it for you because you think it will cost you a little less? It’s quite absurd when you look at it this way, don’t you think?

If it is an item that we can’t provide I have no problem with this concept. If you are not sure, call me personally so we can discuss it before you buy something that you expect us to install. You can also email me at

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this!

Jim Hamlin

Tires & Parts Policies

Some friendly advice before you call in for a quote on tires: We need to know the sizes (look at the sidewalls and write the numbers down), tire brand and model and make model and year of your bike, especially if you only need one replaced at a time. We need to know if your bike has cast wheels or spokes. Why, you ask? Spoke wheels typically require new tubes and they will have to be ordered and added into the estimate. This is especially true on Harley’s. By far the biggest time waster for my parts people are Harley tire customers who don’t know the model designation for their bike. For example FXRS, XL883 etc…Please have this information ready before you call us in order for us to give you faster and better service!


Jim Hamlin