Winter Storage

Hey Friends,

Winter Storage:

Summer is over and the riding season is winding down for many of you. My Winter Storage rate is only $50 per month. Those of you who are garageless or want to move your cars/trucks inside for the Winter (like me) and need space for that car give us a call. 203-942-2232. My Hayloft is warm, dry and has outlets for your battery tender!

Winter Service Special:

Free pickup AND delivery within a 25 mile radius of Hamlin Cycles for any service job until the end of December. Got an old one you want to resurrect? Our slow season is your chance to get it up and running again! Need and end of season service on your bike? I never park mine with dirty oil in them, I always service them before storage. Now is a good opportunity to get it done. You can let us transport it back nd forth if its too cold for you to ride it in. Give us a call at 203-942-2232 or email me at

Thanks, Jim Hamlin